Dean Wondisford in the BSPB

Campus Colleagues,

The University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix is a special place. Whether you are learning about the college for the first time or have experienced this dynamic environment for years — you know. I am honored to join the College of Medicine – Phoenix family and to lead the college into its next era.

The college’s commitment to elevating the quality of health for Arizonans while contributing to the knowledge base through innovative research and medical training captured my interest.

My vision for the College of Medicine – Phoenix is to become one of the top medical schools in the United States and, in collaboration with Banner Health, one of Arizona's best academic medical centers. This vision aligns with the college’s mission "to improve the health of communities through distinction in personalized medical education, translational research and patient care within a culture of inclusive excellence."

Achieving this vision will be a complex journey, but I am confident it is attainable. The success of our journey is not about one person — it is about every person. The people who are here, the people who have come through here, the people who comprise our partner network, the people whose lives will be affected by the work done here guide the present and the future of the college.

Our trajectory to achieve this lofty goal will be charted collectively. Our progress can be measured by NIH funding, student, alumni and faculty engagement and collaborative partnerships.

To achieve this vision, I commit to:

  1. Leverage and enhance relationships with the college’s clinical partners.
  2. Prioritize the recruitment of clinical leaders, who will drive service line development and clinical growth.
  3. Partner with community leaders to provide primary care clerkship training opportunities in rural and underserved areas.
  4. Strengthen our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion to better understand, reflect and engage the communities we serve.  
  5. Build our national reputation and institutional rankings through concerted efforts to boost our National Institutes of Health funding.
  6. Increase our philanthropic funding by building relationships with constituents across Arizona and beyond.
  7. Expand the reach of the college by encouraging community and clinical involvement, making us a hub for undergraduate medical education and exceptional patient care while also growing our community's graduate medical education and primary care services.
  8. Enhance the reputation of our college by establishing us as an institution known for delivering the highest quality care in Phoenix and as a hub for medical discoveries and innovation.

We will work tirelessly with an unwavering standard to challenge what is possible in the service of others. Together, we will accomplish our goals.

Fredric Edward Wondisford, MD, MS, MBA
Dean, UArizona College of Medicine – Phoenix