• Future grant submissions should include the funding necessary to support the effort, as well as the supplies required to obtain Registry samples/data.
  • For certain proposals, a financial contribution will be a requirement for access to data/samples. If your proposal falls into this category, the committee members will discuss the details with you.


  • If you publish results generated from the use of the data/samples provided by us, you are required to acknowledge the Department of Internal Medicine biorepository.
  • In projects where biorepository principal investigators (PIs) have substantial collaborative efforts, authorship should be discussed in advance with the PI submitting the proposal. 


  • If you are granted access to data/samples, you will be required to have *IRB approval for your project to receive the samples from the biorepository for your research.
  • Please contact @email for any information or questions regarding your IRB submission. 
    • Please include the biorepository in the resources and data/specimen sections of your IRB application.

*Data and samples will not be released until IRB approval is granted.