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  • Day SE, Coletta RL, Kim JY, Campbell LE, Benjamin TR, Roust LR, De Filippis EA, Dinu V, Shaibi GQ, Mandarino LJ, Coletta DK (2016). Next-generation sequencing methylation profiling of subjects with obesity identifies novel gene changes. Clinical Epigenetics. 8:77.
  • Lee PV, Dinu V (2015). BitTorious volunteer: server-side extensions for centrally-managed volunteer storage in BitTorrent swarms. BMC Bioinformatics. 16:364.
  • Huentelman MJ, Muppana L, Corneveaux JJ, Dinu V, Pruzin JJ, Reiman R, Borish CN, De Both M, Ahmed A, Todorov A, Cloninger CR, Zhang R, Ma J, Gallitano AL (2015). Association of SNPs in EGR3 and ARC with Schizophrenia Supports a Biological Pathway for Schizophrenia Risk. PloS one. 10(10):e0135076.
  • Brown JR, Dinu V (2015). Ratios and Housekeeper Normalization. Journal of Biometrics and Biostatistics. 6(252):2.
  • Mielke CJ, Mandarino LJ, Dinu V (2014). AMASS: a database for investigating protein structures. Bioinformatics. 30(11):1595-1600.
Research Interests

Biomedical informatics, big data, genomics and proteomics

Research Summary

Valentin Dinu's research interests are the assessment, improvement and development of computational approaches, software applications and databases that facilitate the management, integration and analysis of diverse sources of biomedical information. Application domains include next generation sequencing (NGS), genome wide association studies (GWAS) and proteomics.