Staff Directory

  • Correct your personal information in the Staff directory [Update Your UAccess Personal Information].
    • Incorrect or Missing Information:
      • The data for the Staff directory is dynamic. Therefore, we cannot make manual changes to it; if we do, as soon as the feed refreshes, it will erase the updates.
      • Please give it at least 48 hours to see if your changes take affect.
  • If you are a new hire, it can take several weeks for you to be pulled into the directory. If you are still missing from the staff directory after a few weeks time, please send an email to Andrey Spivak, web manager, with your hire date. You can also email Tom with any other questions relating to the directory.
  • If your profile picture is missing or you would like to retake your photo (one per year), you can either attend schedule a photo with Media Productions.

Faculty Directory

On the College website, the Faculty Profiles display data that is pulled from the Faculty Management System maintained by Faculty Affairs. Currently, we are displaying faculty from the Department of Basic Medical Sciences and Emeriti faculty. Next phases of the directory will include salaried, affiliate and associate classifications. Currently "salaried" faculty who are at greater than .5 FTE are displayed. In the next phase of the directory, we will be pulling in Affiliates and then DCCs.

Faculty Profiles

If you are familiar with the process of updating your faculty profile, you can do that by accessing the Faculty Affairs Profiles then search your name. You can click "Login to Profiles" with your NetID and make the needed updates. If you are unfamiliar with the process or need assistance, send changes to your faculty coordinator.