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  • Postdoctoral Fellowship: John Hopkins University School of Medicine, 2002 – 2004.
  • PhD:Yale University, 2002.


  • Ercoli MD, Alvarez A, Busker F, Morales MM, Julik E, Smith HF, Adrian B, Barton M, Bhagavatula K, Poole M, Shahsavan M, Wechsler R, Fisher RE. Myology of the head, neck and thoracic region of the lesser grison (Galictis cuja) in comparison with the red panda (Ailurus fulgens) and other carnivorans: phylogenetic and functional implications. Journal of Mammalian Evolution 2017; 24(3):289–322.
  • Liu M, Zack SP, Lucas L, Allen D, Fisher RE. 2016. Hind limb myology of the ringtail (Bassariscus astutus) and the myology of hind foot reversal. Journal of Mammalogy 2016; 97(1): 211-233.
  • Hutchins ED, Markov GJ, Eckalbar WL, George RM, King JM, Tokuyama MA, Geiger LA, Emmert N, Ammar MJ, Allen AN, Siniard AL, Corneveaux JJ, Fisher RE, Wade J, DeNardo DF, Rawls JA, Huentelman MJ, Wilson-Rawls J, Kusumi K. 2014. Transcriptomic analysis of tail regeneration in the lizard Anolis carolinensis reveals activation of conserved vertebrate developmental and repair mechanisms. PLoS ONE 9(8): e105004. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0105004.
  • Diogo R, Pastor F, De Paz F, Potau JM, Bello-Hellegouarch G, Ferrero EM, Fisher RE. 2012. The head and neck muscles of the serval and tiger: homologies, evolution, and proposal of a mammalian and a veterinary muscle ontology. The Anatomical Record 295(12): 2157–2178.
  • Julik E, Zack SP, Adrian B, Maredia S, Parsa A, Poole M, Starbuck A, Fisher RE; Functional anatomy of the forelimb muscles of the ocelot (Leopardus pardalis); Journal of Mammalian Evolution; 2012; 19(4):277-304.

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Research Interests

Morphology, evolution

Research Summary

Dr. Fisher studies the functional anatomy and evolution of the musculoskeletal system in vertebrates and cephalopods. She has analyzed the musculoskeletal anatomy of a diverse array of species, including artiodactyls, carnivorans and lizards. She is currently studying the anatomy and neuromuscular control of octopus arms as part of a project funded by the Office of Naval Research.