Christopher Glembotski


University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix 475 North 5th Street Biomedical Sciences Partnership Building, Room 811, Phoenix, AZ 85004
Professor & Associate Dean, Research & Director, Translational Cardiovascular Research Center
Professor - Internal Medicine
Associate Dean, Research
Director, Translational Cardiovascular Research Center
Internal Medicine


  • Postdoctoral Fellowship: Molecular Physiology, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, 1983
  • PhD: Biochemistry, University of California, Los Angeles, 1979

Representative Recent Publications

  • Arrieta A, Blackwood EA, Stauffer WT, Santo Domingo M, Bilal AS, Thuerauf DJ, Pentoney AN, Aivati C, Sarakki AV, Doroudgar S & Glembotski CC (2020). Mesencephalic astrocyte-derived neurotrophic factor is an ER-resident chaperone that protects against reductive stress in the heart. Journal of Biological Chemistry. Vol. 295(22), 7566-7583.
  • Blackwood EA, Bilal AS, Stauffer WT, Arrieta A & Glembotski CC (2020). Designing Novel Therapies to Mend Broken Hearts: ATF6 and Cardiac Proteostasis. Cells Journal. Vol. 9(3), 602.
  • Blackwood EA, Azizi K, Thuerauf DJ, Paxman RJ, Plate L, Kelly JW, Wiseman RL & Glembotski CC (2019). Pharmacologic ATF6 activation confers global protection in widespread disease models by reprograming cellular proteostasis. Nature Communications. Vol. 10(1), 187.
  • Blackwood EA, Hofmann C, Santo Domingo M, Bilal AS, Sarakki A, Stauffer W, Arrieta A, Thuerauf DJ, Kolkhorst FW, Müller OJ, Jakobi T, Dieterich C, Katus HA, Doroudgar S & Glembotski CC (2019). ATF6 Regulates Cardiac Hypertrophy by Transcriptional Induction of the mTORC1 Activator, Rheb. Circulation Research. Vol. 124(1), 79-93.
  • Jin JK, Blackwood EA, Azizi K, Thuerauf DJ, Fahem AG, Hofmann C, Kaufman RJ, Doroudgar S & Glembotski CC (2017). ATF6 Decreases Myocardial Ischemia/Reperfusion Damage and Links ER Stress and Oxidative Stress Signaling Pathways in the Heart. Circulation Research. Vol. 120(5), 862-875.
Research Interests
Translational Biomedical Research, Unfolded Protein Response, Ischemia/Reperfusion , Hypertrophy, Heart Failure, ER Stress Response, Cardiac, ATF6
Research Summary
Dr. Glembotski’s research focuses on discovering proteostasis-based therapeutics to treat heart disease, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and metabolic diseases. This approach is the result of our years of focusing on mechanisms of heart disease. We develop gene- and small molecule-based therapeutics targeted toward enhancing proteome integrity. Our most recent research has expanded beyond heart disease to other pathologies caused by dysregulated proteostasis.