Jian Gu


University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix ABC-1 Building 425 North 5th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004
Associate Professor
Associate Professor - Basic Medical Sciences
Basic Medical Sciences


  • PhD: Electrical Engineering, Princeton University, 2003

Representative Recent Publications

  • Gu J, Norquist A, Yang J, Brooks C, Repin M, Mukherjee S, Lacombe J, Yang J, Brenner DJ, Amundson S & Zenhausern F (2019). Development of an Integrated Fingerstick Blood Self-Collection Device for Radiation Countermeasures. PLoS ONE. Vol. 14(10, e0222951.
  • Chen P, Gates-Hollingsworth M, Pandit S, Park A, Montgomery D, Aucoin D, Gu J & Zenhausern F (2019). Based Vertical Flow Immunoassay (VFI) for Detection of Bio-Threat Pathogens. Talanta. Vol. 191, 181-88.
  • Brengues M, Gu J & Zenhausern F (2015). Microfluidic module for blood cell separation for gene expression radiobiological assays. Radiat Prot Dosimetry. Vol. 166(1-4), 306-10.
  • Hurth C, Gu J, Aboud M, Estes MD, Nordquist AR, McCord B & Zenhausern F (2012). Direct loading of polymer matrices in plastic microchips for rapid DNA analysis: a comparative study. Electrophoresis. Vol. 33(16), 2604-11.
  • J. Gu, X. Xiao, B.R. Takulapalli, M.E. Morrison, P. Zhang & F. Zenhausern (2008). A new approach to fabricating high-density nanoarrays by nanocontact printing. J Vac Sci Technol B. Vol. 26(6), 1860.
Research Interests
Platform development, medical devices and procedures
Research Summary
Dr. Gu’s research program focuses on using nano/microfabricated structures and fluidic systems for a broad range of biomedical applications. The research projects include paper-based microfluidic devices for sensitivity disease biomarker detection for point-of-need applications; organ-on-chip platform for cancer metastasis modeling; devices for preanalytic blood collection and processing; as well as device and systems for disruptive bioassay logistics.