Matt J. Huentelman


Translational Genomics Research Institute 445 North 5th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004
Associate Research Professor, Research Series
Associate Research Professor, Research Series - Basic Medical Sciences
Associate Research Professor, Research Series - Translational Neurosciences
Basic Medical Sciences; Translational Neurosciences


  • PhD: Physiology, University of Florida, 2003


  • Llaci L, Ramsey K, Belnap N, Claasen AM, Balak CD, Szelinger S, Jepsen WM, Siniard AL, Richholt R, Izat T, Naymik M, De Both M, Piras IS, Craig DW, Huentelman MJ, Narayanan V, Schrauwen I & Rangasamy S. (2019). Compound heterozygous mutations in SNAP29 is associated with Pelizaeus-Merzbacher-like disorder (PMLD). Hum Genet. Vol. 138(11/12), 1409-1417., 12/2019 - Article, Refereed Journal -
  • Jepsen WM, Ramsey K, Szelinger S, Llaci L, Balak C, Belnap N, Bilagody C, De Both M, Gupta R, Naymik M, Pandey R, Piras IS, Sanchez-Castillo M, Rangasamy S, Narayanan V & Huentelman MJ (2019). Two additional males with X-linked, syndromic mental retardation carry de novo mutations in HNRNPH2. Clin Genet. Vol. 96(2), 183-185., 08/2019 - Article, Refereed Journal -
  • Piras IS, Krate J, Delvaux E, Nolz J, Mastroeni DF, Persico AM, Jepsen WM, Beach TG, Huentelman MJ & Coleman PD (2019). Transcriptome Changes in the Alzheimer's Disease Middle Temporal Gyrus: Importance of RNA Metabolism and Mitochondria-Associated Membrane Genes. J Alzheimers Dis. Vol. 70(3), 691-713., 05/14/2019 - Article, Refereed Journal -
  • Neuner SM, Heuer SE, Huentelman MJ, O'Connell KMS & Kaczorowski CC (2019). Harnessing Genetic Complexity to Enhance Translatability of Alzheimer's Disease Mouse Models: A Path toward Precision Medicine. Neuron. Vol. 44(6), 399-411., 02/06/2019 - Article, Refereed Journal -
  • Caccamo A, Branca C, Piras IS, Ferreira E, Huentelman MJ, Liang WS, Readhead B, Dudley JT, Spangenberg EE, Green KN, Belfiore R, Winslow W & Oddo S (2017). Necroptosis activation in Alzheimer's disease. Nat Neurosci. Vol. 20(9), 1236-1246., 09/2017 - Article, Refereed Journal -
Research Interests
- Neuroscience - Genomics - Biomarkers
Research Summary
Dr. Huentelman's laboratory utilizes genomic technologies to better understand personalized neurological disease risk and mechanisms. An additional goal is to leverage new information to design more focused and effective therapeutic strategies. He has a particular focus on aging and diseases with a significant aging component as well as disorders that are very rare in their prevalence.