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AZ Biomedical Collaborative 1
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Assistant Professor
College of Medicine Phx Basic Medical Sciences


  • Postdoctoral: Anatomy, University of Arizona, 2009 – 2012.
  • PhD: John Hopkins University, 2009.


  • Penkrot TA and Zack SP. 2016. Tarsals of Sespedectinae (?Lipotyphla) from the middle Eocene of southern California, and the affinities of Eocene ‘erinaceomorphs’. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 36:e1212059 (17 pages).
  • Liu M, Zack SP, Lucas L, Allen D and Fisher RE. 2016. Hind limb myology of the ringtail (Bassariscus astutus) and the myology of hind foot reversal. Journal of Mammalogy 97:211-233.
  • Zack SP and Rose KD. 2015. The postcranial skeleton of Galecyon: evidence for morphological and locomotor diversity in early Hyaenodontidae (Mammalia, Hyaenodontida). Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 35:e1001492 (25 pages).
  • Rana RS, Kumar K, Zack SP, Solé F, Rose KD, Missiaen P, Singh L, Sahni A and Smith T. 2015. Craniodental and postcranial morphology of Indohyaenodon raoi from the early Eocene of India, and its implications for ecology, phylogeny and biogeography of hyaenodontid mammals. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 35:e965308 (22 pages).

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Research Interests

Phylogenetics, functional morphology, postcranial anatomy

Research Summary

Dr. Zack studies the evolution of mammals, focusing on the early Cenozoic radiation of placental mammals, particularly the phylogeny and evolution of Paleocene and Eocene carnivorous placental mammals and their relationships to extant placental carnivores. Dr. Zack also has a special interest in the postcranial morphology, particularly ankle morphology, of early Cenozoic placentals and its implications for the autoecology and phylogeny.