4th Year Students at Maricopa consultation


A mandatory 4th-Year Curriculum orientation will be provided prior to the scheduling period. Students will learn about policies, requirements for graduation, scheduling processes and important dates. Complete scheduling details will also be provided in one45

  • Scheduling Forms and Resources are available in one45.

Assessment of Student Performance

Students are strongly encouraged to give the site coordinator the printed Patient-Care Assessment Form (PDF) or the Non-Patient Care Assessment Form (PDF) on the first day of the rotation and request that it be returned to the Electives Unit. Personalized forms for each student are available in the Student Portal.

Student Feedback on Electives/Instructors

Students are required to complete an elective evaluation for each site in one45. Faculty receive anonymous student feedback at the mid-point and end-point of the academic year after grades have been submitted.

See the full policy: Course and Faculty Evaluation By Student

Student Electives Catalog

Information on current Year 4 electives. Course availability and course numbering are subject to change.