The College of Medicine – Phoenix offers a wide variety of fourth-year electives that are designed to meet curriculum and graduation requirements. Electives are provided through Phoenix-area and out-of-state hospitals, medical centers and private practices.

There are also many opportunities statewide, nationally and internationally.

4th Year Students at Maricopa physical examination shot
Doctor Checking Vitals in a Clinical Setting

Graduation Requirements

Selectives – 8 Credits

  1. Core Sub-Internship (4 Credits)
  2. Critical Care (4 Credits)

Electives – 24 Credits

  1. Choose from all available electives.
  2. May include research, “away,” independent study, Global Health electives or Rural Health electives.
  3. May take additional selectives.

Policy Highlights

  • Maximum of two fourth-year courses may be two credits. No electives may be 1, 3 or  > 4  credits.
  • Maximum number of credits allowed in one subspecialty field is 16.
  • Maximum number of credits not directly supervised by University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix faculty is 16.
  • Maximum number of non-clinical credits is 8.

Any exceptions to the above limitations must be approved by Director, Electives, Associate Dean of Clinical and Competency-Based Education, the Associate Dean of Student Affairs and the student's advisor.

See the complete policy: Credit Requirement Year 4

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