We are a new training program, developed by a core group of passionate faculty with strong academic backgrounds and extensive teaching experience, who were chosen with the specific intent to create new models for clinical care and education. Our faculty are highly skilled, nationally recognized and provide a wide range of neurological education, including patient care, clinical research and advanced training opportunities.

Our residents will work closely with all of our faculty in many different subspecialty areas both in clinic and inpatient settings. We intend to foster an open culture and will enlist the residents’ direct help in calibrating our environment, with close supervision and ongoing collaboration between our residents and faculty.

Our great group of faculty members have been trained at leading institutions around the country. A core group of faculty are directly employed academic neurologists, complemented by a diverse group of community-based physicians. The majority have completed fellowships and/or are certified in their particular subspecialties, including stroke, epilepsy, neuromuscular neurology, movement disorders, headache, sleep neurology, multiple sclerosis and behavioral neurology. We are in a period of active faculty recruitment and will offer broad subspecialty and research experiences to our residents.