The Friends and Family Network at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix promotes the connection of students’ external support systems to our campus.


  • To enhance student well-being through education of friends and families on student life, curricular requirements and college resources.
  • To provide a national support system by connecting students’ families and friends.
  • To decrease the financial burden of student travel.

Annual Events

Second Look Friends and Family Network Event:

This event features a panel of spouses, significant others and parents of medical students. It provides an opportunity for potential students to network with their peers who are also starting their journey to an MD.

This event originated as an idea from two medical students’ wives who wanted to help build the medical student support system community and introduce the families to our culture before the first day of medical school.

Together, the Office of Admissions and Recruitment partnered with the Friends and Family Network to hold the first event in April 2019. The inaugural event was a success and continues to be a permanent part of Second Look.

Campus Open House Panel:

This is an Invitation-only event for the families of our new first-year medical students. It takes place the morning of their White Coat Ceremony in July. Panel members include spouses, significant others and parents.

Campus Resources

Personal and Mental Wellness

  • Big Sibs/Wellness Groups.
  • Free psychologists.
  • Professional Resource Office.
  • Built in down-time throughout the curriculum.
  • Wellness activities – The Wellness Olympics, wellness awareness practices, social gatherings, community service opportunities.
  • Alumni.
  • Friends and Family Network online community.

Academic Wellness

  • Block directors, faculty, staff.
  • Learning specialists.
  • Career advisors.
  • Free tutors.
  • Workshops.
  • Step1, Step2, curriculum and Events.

Online Community

Our online community was started for spouses, significant others, partners, parents, siblings, as well as friends of our current medical students. We share updates about on-campus events, videos of student events, news articles, the annual academic calendar and more!

Our team personally understands the importance of feeling connected to what is happening with your medical student, so we aim for this community to support you, while you support your student!

To contact the Friends and Family Network, please email COMPHX-FriendsandFamily@arizona.edu.