Required Core MPH Courses (16 units)

Course Code Course Title
EPID 573a Basic Principles of Epidemiology (3) [Fall]
PHPM 574 Public Health Policy and Management (3) [Spring]
EHS 575 Environmental and Occupational Health (3) [Fall]
BIOS 576a Biostatistics for Public Health (3) [Spring]
HPS 577 Sociocultural & Behavioral Aspects of Public Health (3) [Fall]
PHP 580 Integrated Public Health Learning Experience (1) [Spring]

Required MD/MPH Courses (7 units)

Course Code Course Title
PHPM 570 Issues and Trends in Public Health (3) [Fall]
PHPM 696i Clinical Leadership and Administration (4) [Spring]

Internship Requirements (11 units)

  • Workshop Internship Planning Workshop (no credit).
  • PHP 909 Master's Report "Internship" (11).

Elective Courses (8 units)

  • MS1 Block – MEDP 802 (2).
  • Other Elective Options (6).
    • Strongly Recommended – Applied Public Health Practice, PHP 572 (3) [Spring].

MD/MPH Dual Credit Courses

(May take one rotation below for dual credit)

Course Code Course Title Course Location
FCMP 851A Public and Community Health Medicine Maricopa County Dept. of Public Health
FCMP 851B Public Health and Community Medicine in a Free Neighborhood Clinic St. Vincent de Paul Medical Clinic
FCMP 852B Homeless Health Care Issues Maricopa County Dept. of Public Health
FCMP 855A Correctional Medicine Maricopa County Jail/Buckeye Infirmary
MIDP 851F Inpatient Internal Medicine in a Native American Community Hospital Phoenix Indian Medical Center
MIDP 851G Ambulatory Care in an Underserved Community The Neighborhood Christian Clinic
PEDP 851E Medical Care for Homeless and At-Risk Kids and Teens Phoenix Children's Hospital

*Phoenix-based MD/MPH students are charged $750 per semester for six semesters for the program. Any classes taken during summer or winter will result in additional tuition. Some courses have additional fees.