Why Choose the Pathway Scholars Program?

Unlike traditional masters-level programs, the curriculum for the Master of Medical Studies degree is designed to prepare students to meet the demands of the first years of medical school.

Every curricular activity that students participate in during the Pathway Scholars Program is designed to help meet the demands of our medical school, and give our students tools to become leaders among their peers and stand out among colleagues. Our curriculum approach is holistic; in that, it prepares students for the academic, social and mental challenges of acclimating to medical school.

The curriculum emphasizes a combination of classroom lectures, independent learning practice that gives you opportunities to work alongside a learning specialist and tutors, hands-on clinical exposure, and personal/professional development opportunities.

Guaranteed Admission

Successful completion of the Pathway Scholars Program earns you guaranteed admission to the MD program at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix. We are not preparing you to apply to a medical school; we’re preparing you to succeed in our medical school — from day one.

Medical School Resources

As a Pathway Scholars student, you will have access to many of the same resources, facilities, faculty and opportunities as our current medical students. The courses you take as a Pathway Scholars student are taught by the same faculty that will also teach future courses that you would be taking once you start the first and second year of medical school at the College of Medicine – Phoenix. 

Learning Support and Professional Development

Our program prepares you academically and facilitates your socialization into medical school culture by introducing you to the best practices to thrive in the study of medicine.

We accomplish this by connecting you with a learning specialist along with a hands-on approach in your exposure to curricular activities that take place inside and outside the classroom. The curriculum also includes early exposure to clinical settings.

You will participate in a cohort-led legacy project in which you and your cohort will draft and execute a community project that benefits a local organization within the Phoenix community. This goes along with our mission to drive diversity in the physician workforce with members that are from and connected to the local communities you will serve.

All this preparation before your first year as a medical student will ensure that you start with an advanced learning approach, a strong foundation in medical studies, and ongoing support from your cohort, faculty and staff.

Program Courses

Pathway Scholars Program 2024-2025 Curriculum Calendar (PDF)

Pathway Scholars Program 2024-2025 Curriculum Calendar

Course Name

Course Number

Summer 2025

Introduction to Medical Studies MEDP 697
Principles of Molecular Basis of Life & Disease A MEDP 618A
Medical Science Applications (Organ Systems A)   MEDP 615A

Fall 2025

Principles of Molecular Basis of Life & Disease B MEDP 618B
Principles of Clinical Neuroscience (Organ Systems B)  MEDP 615B
Master's Report/Scholarly Project A MEDP 909A
Leadership, Learning & Ethics A MEDP 619A
Principles of Communication in Medicine A MEDP 608A
Clinical Practicum A MEDP 694A

Spring 2026

Principles of Cardiovascular-Hematology MEDP 620
Clinical Anatomy & Physiology (Organ Systems C) MEDP 615C
Master's Report/Scholarly Project B MEDP 909B
Leadership, Learning & Ethics B MEDP 619B
Principles of Communication in Medicine B MEDP 608B
Clinical Practicum B MEDP 694B

Summer 2026

Personalized Active Learning (PPAL) MEDP TBD