The Professional Resource Office (the Office) provides guidance, support and information to students and faculty on professionalism issues.

The Office supports medical students and faculty in the development of strong, positive professional practices with peers, patients and the broader community through effective communication and conflict management.

Office Services

  • Serves as a resource — a place where students and faculty can come to raise, discuss and navigate professionalism concerns as well as identify examples of exemplary professional practices.
  • Provides information and outreach to strengthen communications and conflict management skills and other professional practices.
  • Works with UA College of Medicine – Phoenix leadership to identify issues moving forward for improvement.
  • Since 2014, the Office, in collaboration with the Offices of Academic Affairs and Faculty Affairs, serves as primary faculty for the College of Medicine – Phoenix Faculty Leadership Development Program.

Student Focus: How the Office Can Help with Student Professionalism

The Office is one of the many resources the College of Medicine – Phoenix provides its students to address professionalism issues, including the Office of Student Affairs, student wellness programs and curricular debriefing sessions. The Office is not an office of record for the purpose of receiving formal complaints on behalf of students. 

  • Identifying examples of positive professional practices.
  • Navigating new, uncomfortable and difficult environments and relationships.
  • Discussing and responding to unprofessional conduct.
  • Strengthening personal effectiveness, resilience, and interaction skills.
  • Developing constructive approaches to miscommunication and conflicts.

Professionalism Conduct Comment Form