Research at the College

Refining and expanding our medical knowledge through clinical trials, observational studies and more


Research at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix would not happen without the collaboration of local, national and international partners.

This collaborative spirit is a vital aspect of the work being conducted here, as it allows for new avenues of exploration and understanding that can improve quality care.

Discovering solutions to today's health care questions — which, in turn, further enables our researchers to prepare for the problems of tomorrow — propels that mission forward.

Throughout the college, our researchers are teaming up with physicians, researchers and industry leaders from public and private enterprises to push the boundaries of discovery and advance health.

These collaborations facilitate efficient use of resources, while fueling innovative solutions to complex health care issues. Our shared goal is to translate discoveries into medicines and knowledge that will improve the health of people in Arizona and worldwide.

Examples of Current Collaborations



State and Local