Chris Glembotski, PhD

Chris Glembotski, PhD
Director, Translational Cardiovascular Research Center

The Translational Cardiovascular Research Center is a world-class center that is internationally recognized. It aims to bridge cutting-edge research in cardiovascular science and medicine.

Established in 2020 as a collaboration between basic science and clinical cardiovascular researchers at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix and Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix, the center is working to improve and grow the following:

  • Patient care.
  • Cardiovascular medicine, as well as science education and training programs.
  • Strong collaborations between the basic sciences and clinical affiliates.
  • Collaborations that translate scientific findings into clinical application.
  • The implementation of clinical trials to test novel therapies.
  • Research and medicine associated with other centers in the school, such as:

The center serves as the focal point of a rapidly growing interest at the College of Medicine – Phoenix of discovering new, novel treatments for cardiovascular disease and rapidly moving them into clinical trials that will take place in the Phoenix area.

The physicians and scientists associated with the center are dedicated to developing and implementing novel therapies and treatments for a wide range of cardiovascular diseases, including heart failure, hypertension and stroke — with a particular vision toward serving the residents of Arizona.