The UArizona College of Medicine – Phoenix Research Office will help you prepare and develop your proposal, and will provide the interface with the Tucson campus Sponsored Projects Research Services Office and UArizona Health Sciences Research Administration. Please contact us with any questions you have about the research proposal application process.

For guidance on searching for funding, literature, and data, please visit Funding Opportunities and Resources.

Preparing a Proposal

Get Support
  • Intent to Submit a Grant/Contract Application Intake Form – The purpose of this form is to help the college ensure that the necessary assistance and resources are provided to support all investigators throughout the grant application process. It automatically connects investigators with those who provide proposal support.
  • Proposal Development Services at the College of Medicine – Phoenix – Offers guidance in appropriate construction of proposals to address National Institutes of Health (NIH) or other sponsor guidelines.
  • Research, Innovation & Impact – RII bolsters the research success of faculty by supporting university research centers, institutes and core facilities; providing research development, stewardship, compliance and safety services; and securing strategic external partnerships.
  • UAHS Research Administration – The Office of Research Administration within the University of Arizona Health Sciences (UAHS) provides concierge-level service to all UAHS investigators in support of research pre- and post-award activities, including sponsored project application submission, contract negotiation, clinical trials, and compliance support.
Templates and Resources
  • Forms and Templates – Forms related to award transfers, compliance, contracting, cost sharing, budgeting, sub-awards, and pre-award and post-award activities.
  • New Investigator Guide – List of digital tools, listservs, and resources for new investigators created by RII. Please note some onboarding processes and support services at the College differ from those at main campus. Please consult with your Director of Operations or the Onboarding and Offboarding page for more information.
  • Grant Writing Resources – A list prepared by RII containing general grant writing resources, and resources specific to multiple sponsors.
  • Institutional Environment, Facilities and Resources Template – This template describes the scientific environment at the college and is required for NIH grant proposals. This document is located under the Research section of the intranet.
  • Institutional Information – DUNS Number, EIN, Entity Identification Number, Unique Entity Identifier, Authorizing Official, Rate Agreements and Fringe Benefit Information for the University.
  • Biosketch Development Tool – Science Experts Network Curriculum Vitae (SciENcv) is an electronic system that helps researchers assemble the professional information needed for participation in federally funded research. SciENcv gathers and compiles information on expertise, employment, education and professional accomplishments to create and maintain biosketches. Recordings and slides from past SciENcv workshops hosted by Naomi Bishop are available in an archive.
  • Data Management – University resources for data management, data management planning, agency specific policies, and guidance on the New NIH Data Management and Sharing Requirements.
Budget Resources
  • Building a Budget – Guidance on developing a budget, direct and indirect costs, allowable costs and budget templates. Learn more about cost sharing and matching and budget categories.
  • Effort Reporting – Policies and guidelines to guide department chairs and principal investigators to properly report project-related effort.
  • Allowable Costs – Guidance on sponsored projects expenditures governed by federal law and regulations, State of Arizona laws, Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) policies, University of Arizona's policies, and specific terms and conditions of awards.
  • Unallowable Costs – A list of unallowable costs provided by RII.
  • Subawards in Prime Proposal Development - Information on sub-awards, subrecipient qualification and documentation.
  • Cost Sharing and Matching – Guidance on cost sharing, types of cost sharing, and procedures.
  • F&A Rates and Waivers – Please complete the F&A waiver form (PDF) and obtain the signatures of the PI and department chair. When completing the form, we encourage you to review F&A rates and F&A information and include as much detail as possible. Often, this might mean an additional write up or letter. Once completed, submit this form and any additional information to @email to be approved by the associate dean for Research. It will be reviewed and returned within 48 hours.  
Clinical Trial Resources
  • Research Intake Application – All UAHS submissions involving patients, facilities, services, health records, and/or resources of a clinical provider (e.g., Banner Health) must be submitted to our office prior to submission to the University of Arizona Institutional Review Board (IRB).  For new studies, the RIA initiates multiple processes including Banner feasibility review, coverage analysis development, budget and contract negotiations, financial review of ICF, and entering the study into the OnCore clinical trial management system (CTMS), as applicable.