GlobeImmune Inc.

"We were extremely satisfied with the work performed by Dr. Kala’s laboratory for this important phase 1 clinical study. Her expertise, professionalism, enthusiasm and attention to detail were paramount for the successful outcome of this study. Additionally, it was a pleasure to work with Dr. Kala and her institution. We would highly recommend this world-class laboratory."

"Dr. Kala’s laboratory received blood samples for immune analysis, a primary endpoint for one of our recent phase 1 clinical trials evaluating a novel immunotherapeutic. The lab isolated PBMCs and stored them until analysis. The study had a very aggressive timeline, with samples from multiple subjects collected daily over several months. Dr. Kala’s lab successfully met our timelines and the subsequent immune analyses generated data, helping to build the case for our product to advance into phase 2 clinical trials."

MSDx, Inc.

"MSDx utilizes the services of the U of A Phoenix core Lab. Dr Kala provides great insight and advice on various methods to improve design and ease of use of our Research Products." - Ray Jacolik, Product Development and Operations Manager, MSDx, Inc.

"MSDx utilized the services of the UA Phoenix Core Lab to conduct studies as one of our Alpha testing sites.  As a manufacturer of research testing kits, MSDx needed a high quality laboratory to test our kits, measure the performance and produce a report that meets the needs of our quality system.  Dr. Kala led our work with the Core laboratory and performed excellent "Alpha" testing. Their work provided insight that we incorporated into the design of the final release of the product. We will continue to use the UA Phoenix Core lab in the future." — Marie Wesselhoft, President, MSDx, Inc.

Phoenix Children's Hospital

"The Chakravadhanula laboratory has been using FACS services offered at the core facility, under the leadership of Dr. Mrinalini Kala, for about a year now. We are very satisfied with the progress of our research after using FACS analyses. Based on the results obtained thus far from these analyses, two manuscripts are under preparation from our laboratory. Our laboratory is interested in studying pediatric brain tumors, and FACS analyses have enhanced the quality of our research studies. Dr. Kala is highly experienced and knowledgeable in the flow cytometry field and has been very helpful and patient with our research group. I highly recommend the core facility to users that are interested in incorporating FACS analyses into their research studies." — Madhavi Chakravadhanula, PhD

Vision Gate Bio Signature Laboratories

"Our LuCED test for the detection of early lung cancer is based on patient sputum, which must be enriched to eliminate elements that are non-diagnostic of lung cancer. This process is managed by Dr. Mrinalini Kala through the Flow Cytometry/Immunology Core Lab at the University of Arizona Medical School. Dr. Kala and her group have aided VisionGate with insightful guidance through the development of our enrichment process and have provided ongoing and timely support as we have characterized the clinical performance of the LuCED test. Our collaborative work will soon culminate in a partnership to offer the LuCED test in our soon-to-open CLIA lab." — Michael Meyer | CTO