The Flow Cytometry Core offers an array of services across the spectrum of translational research, from basic medical science to clinical trials. These services include experimental design, sample preparation, data analysis and consultation and many other types of collaborative work. Customer Testimonials.

Research Services

  • Immunophenotyping.
  • Cell Cycle Analysis.
  • Cell Proliferation.
  • Cell and Nuclei Sorting (single cell, in-tubes, multi-well plating, slides).
  • Complement Assay.
  • Sample Preparation and Staining.
  • Panel Designing.
  • BrdU Assay.
  • Apoptosis.
  • Intracellular Cytokine.
  • Project specific/new assay development.
  • Identifying new biomarkers/developing assays for new biomarkers and transitioning to the clinical diagnosis.

Please contact the Flow Cytometry Core Director for questions regarding rates and services at 602-827-2251 or @email.