The ANBM Lab Space

Pillar II: Research Distinction to Improve Health

Identify specific areas of focus for clinical research that are strategically aligned with clinical partners, regional and state needs and available resources (Mid-Point Progress Report).

  • R1a. Execute Quality Research​:
    • Develop strategies and approaches for efficiently executing high-quality clinical research.
      • Lead: Michael Fallon, MD.
  • R1b. Accelerate Research:
    • Develop processes to accelerate clinical research using large-scale data sets in areas of strategic importance.
      • Lead: Michael Fallon, MD.
  • R1c. Integrate with University Initiatives:
    • ​Enhance integration with key University of Arizona research initiatives.​
      • Lead: Michael Fallon, MD.

Develop strategies for achieving distinction in targeted areas of translational research that link scientific discovery to high priority clinical programs (Mid-Point Progress Report).

  • R2a. Target Areas of Priority:
    • Develop new departments and programs of national distinction in targeted areas of translational research linked to areas of clinical priority such as interdisciplinary oncology, translational neurosciences and cardiovascular biology.
      • Lead: Guy Reed, MD, MS.

Establish research metrics and dashboards to ensure sustainability and success of research (Mid-Point Progress Report).

  • R3a. Define Processes:
    • Define processes to enhance research productivity, accountability and funding.
      • Lead: Chris Glembotski, PhD.

Encourage a spirit of entrepreneurialism to foster research translation at the College of Medicine – Phoenix through the development of new products, algorithms, health technology and spin-off companies (Mid-Point Progress Report).

  • R4a. Commercialize Research:
    • Identify opportunities and strategies for research commercialization that consider best practices in intellectual property development and technology transfer.
      • Lead: Frederic Zenhausern, PhD.
  • R4b. Translate Discoveries:
    • Create initiatives to enhance faculty success in translating discoveries into tangible products to improve health.
      • Lead: Frederic Zenhausern, PhD.