Pillar I: Transformational Personalized Education

Transformational Personalized EducationInnovation and personalization to prepare future physicians for the changing demands of medicine. Pillar I.

Pillar II: Research Distinction to Improve Health

Research Distinction to Improve HealthDistinction in clinical-translational research with tangible patient and economic benefit. Pillar II.

Pillar III: Elevating Clinical Care

Elevating Clinical CareCollaboration to elevate clinical education and to provide outstanding care for Arizonans. Pillar III.

Pillar IV: Reimagining Collaboration in the Phoenix Community

Reimagining Collaboration in the Phoenix CommunityImproving health of communities by fostering inclusive excellence, engagement and advocacy. Pillar IV.

Pillar V: Enabling Operational Greatness

Enabling Operational GreatnessOrganizational excellence to efficiently and effectively rise together. Pillar V.