Mid-Point Progress Report

R1. Align, Integrate and Focus Clinical Research

Identify specific areas of focus for clinical research that are strategically aligned with clinical partners, regional and state needs and available resources.

  • R1a. Execute High-Quality Clinical Research​:
    • Progress – We have hired a person at Banner to capture and record data; established the Center for Clinical Research Excellence and Educational Development (CREED); organized an annual report on clinical trials; supported the development of a master's degree in Clinical Research; developed criteria to enable community partners to serve as principal investigators.
    • Next Steps – Operationalize CREED.
  • R1b. Accelerate Clinical Research Using Large-Scale Data Sets:
    • Progress – We have hired a person at Banner to capture and record data; the VA research space in the Biomedical Sciences Partnership Building is now operational; overall publications have increased 30 percent this past year; and collaboration on a project with Yuma is underway.
    • Next Steps – Share existing researchers to use and refine processes; monitor outcomes.
  • R1c. Enhance Integration with University Initiatives:
    • Progress – Inventory of collaborative programs has been completed.
    • Next Steps – Establish an Integration Committee; and monitor all collaborative programs.

R2. Distinction in Translational Research

Develop strategies for achieving distinction in targeted areas of translational research that link scientific discovery to high priority clinical programs.

  • R2a. Target Areas of Priority with New Departments and Programs:
    • Progress – The college established the Translational Cardiovascular Research Center (TCRC); hired a new chair of Psychiatry, who is developing a mental health research agenda; began a search for chair of the new Department of Translational Neurosciences; hired a new chair of the Department of Child Health and began a search for director of a Child Health Research Institute; and started conducting interdisciplinary oncology on the programmatic level.
    • Next Steps – Monitor all program development.

R3. Optimize the Value and Return on Research Investment

Establish research metrics and dashboards to ensure sustainability and success of research.

  • R3a. Define Processes:
    • Progress – Benchmarks have been defined and a dashboard has been developed; engaging in work with the Research Senate.
    • Next Steps – Finalize incentive plan with the Guy Reed, MD, MS, dean of the College of Medicine – Phoenix.

R4. Translate Research to Improve Health

Encourage a spirit of entrepreneurialism to foster research translation at the College of Medicine – Phoenix through the development of new products, algorithms, health technology and spin-off companies.

  • R4a/b. Commercialize Research and Translate Discoveries:
    • Progress – Dean Reed has met with Frederic Zenhausern, PhD, MBA, multiple times to finalize timelines and strategies; the Flinn Foundation has shown interest to support the college's efforts.
    • Next Steps – Department chairs to identify participants in planning process; and mini-planning exercise to be conducted in Spring 2022.