Strategic Plan Steering Committee

Guy Reed, MD, MS
Dean, UA College of Medicine – Phoenix


Guy Reed, MD, MS

Steven A. Lieberman, MD, FACP
Senior Associate Dean, Academic Affairs

Steven Lieberman, MD

Kenneth Knox, MD
Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs and Development

Kenneth Knox, MD

Janet Sabuco, MBA
Associate Dean, Finance and Administration

Janet Sabuco, MBA

Cheryl O'Malley, MD
Associate Dean, Graduate Medical Education

Cheryl O'Malley, MD

Judy Apostolik
Former Executive Director, Financial Affairs

Judy Apostolik

Jacque Chadwick, MD
Special Advisor to the Dean

Jacque Chadwick, MD

Key Stakeholders

  • Robert Robbins, MD, President, University of Arizona.
  • Michael Dake, MD, Senior Vice President, University of Arizona Health Sciences.
  • Iman Hakim, MD, Dean, College of Public Health.
  • Irving Kron, MD, former Interim Dean, College of Medicine – Tucson.
  • Ki Moore, PhD, RN, Dean, College of Nursing.
  • Rick Schnellman, PhD, Dean, College of Pharmacy.
  • Steve Lieberman, MD, Senior Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education.
  • Paul Boehmer, PhD, former Interim Associate Dean, Research.
  • Glen Fogerty, PhD, Associate Dean, Admission and Recruitment.
  • Susan Kaib, MD, former Associate Dean, Student Affairs.
  • Kenneth Knox, MD, Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs and Development.
  • Alan Leibowitz, MD, former Associate Dean, Graduate Medical Education.
  • Maria Manriquez, MD, Interim Associate Dean, Clinical Curriculum.
  • Paul Standley, PhD, Associate Dean, Curricular Affairs and Program Evaluation.
  • Guadalupe Federico, PhD, Assistant Dean, Faculty Affairs and Development.
  • David Beyda, MD, Chair, Bioethics and Medical Humanism.
  • Mandi Conway, MD, Interim Chair, Ophthalmology.
  • Michael Fallon, MD, Chair, Internal Medicine.
  • Michael Foley, MD, Former Chair, Obstetrics and Gynecology.
  • Kevin Hirsch, MD, Chair, Radiology.
  • Eric Katz, MD, former Chair, Emergency Medicine.
  • Michael Lawton, MD, Chair, Neurosurgery at Barrow Neurological Institute.
  • Aubrey Maze, MD, Chair, Anesthesiology.
  • Michael McKee, MD, Chair, Orthopaedics.
  • James McLoone, MD, former Chair, Psychiatry.
  • Jeremy Shefner, MD, Chair, Neurology.
  • Mitchell Shub, MD, former Chair, Child Health.
  • Jeffrey Wolfrey, MD, former Chair, Family, Community and Preventive Medicine.
  • Frank Zhao, MD, Chair, Pathology.
  • Steve Chung, MD, Clinical Associate Professor, Neurology.
  • David Heineking, Vice President, Campus Management and Operations.
  • Judy Apostolik, former Executive Director, Financial Affairs.
  • Cindy Anderson, Director, Simulation and Innovation.
  • Steven Curry, MD, Co-Director, Division of Clinical Data Analytics and Decision Support.
  • Suzann Grabe, Director, Faculty Recruitment.
  • Chante Martin, Director, Human Resources.
  • Marci Moffitt, MD, Director, Doctoring Curriculum.
  • Jennifer Hartmark-Hill, MD, Program Director, Faculty Instructional Development Programs.
  • Cheryl O'Malley, MD, Associate Dean, Graduate Medical Education..
  • Peter Fine, MD, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Banner Health.
  • Larry Goldberg, President, Banner – University Medicine Division.
  • Steve Narang, MD, CEO, Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix.
  • Scott Goodwin, MD, CEO, Banner – University Medical Group.
  • Kote Chundu, MD, President and CEO, District Medical Group.
  • Priya Radhakrishnan, MD, Chief Academic Officer and Designated Institutional Official, HonorHealth.
  • Todd LaPorte, CEO, HonorHealth.
  • Steve Purves, President and CEO, Maricopa Integrated Health System.
  • Robert Meyer, President and CEO, Phoenix Children's Hospital.
  • Maureen McCarthy, MD, Chief of Staff, Phoenix VA Health Care Center.
  • Shak Rehman, MD, Chief of Education, Phoenix VA Health Care Center.
  • Patty White, President and CEO, St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center.
  • Jeff Sugimoto, MD, Vice President of Academic Affairs, St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center.