Mid-Point Progress Report

In 2019, initiative leaders and committees met to develop charters for each of our five pillars. This work was furthered throughout 2019–2020 by the Steering Committee. They would periodically meet to review charters, give input to leaders and prioritize initiatives. Unfortunately, in March 2020, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated a pause in the proceedings — a reset of the priorities to accommodate for financial constraints.

This reset prompted the Steering Committee to reprioritize “mission-critical” initiatives for funding purposes in fiscal year 2021; and now, at the mid-point, the Steering Committee is reevaluating initiative milestones for fiscal year 2022. As this process evolves, leads for each pillar and its sub-initiatives are submitting mid-point reviews on an ongoing basis. For progress updates relating to each pillar and its distinctive components, please review each of them below.

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