Throughout the year, the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix Office of Diversity and Inclusion offers workshops and sessions to encourage learning and understanding about our communities, foster inclusion in the health care environment and gain valuable knowledge about health issues facing our diverse populations.

Workshops and sessions regularly provided at the College of Medicine – Phoenix are also available to other colleges on the Phoenix Biomedical Campus and to the college's affiliates. In addition, departments may request a custom workshop to meet specific information needs.

Current Workshop and Session Offerings

  • Civility – In an interactive environment, individuals will learn how to create a culture of inclusivity by overcoming barriers, personal experiences and appropriate behaviors and interactions within the work unit and outside of departments.
  • Cultural Humility and Serving Our Latinx Patients – Learn about the health disparities facing the Latinx population through the lens of cultural humility.
  • Disability and Compassionate Care – Patients with disabilities face many barriers to good health. In this session learn how medical professionals can provide meaningful communication to increase compassionate care.
  • Empathy – Empathy is at the core of connection. Participants will enhance their understanding of empathy; consider the positive implications of practicing empathy; and grapple with challenges. Participants will also explore attitudes, behaviors and strategies related to practicing empathy in this hands-on and interactive workshop.
  • Everyday Bias in Health Professionals – Everyday Bias seeks to show how biases that we are unaware of can impact and have negative consequences for those around us.
  • Health Care and Faith – Participants will understand the role of spirituality in medicine and learn ways to be sensitive to the spiritual needs of patients.
  • Introduction to Microagressions – Participants will learn to create awareness surrounding the common occurrences of microaggressions, explore the outcomes, discover techniques to minimize the occurrence, as well as discover ways to respond when someone has been microaggressive.
  • MedSafeZone – MedSafeZone is designed to increase awareness and knowledge of health disparities experienced in the LGBT+ community.
  • Stereotype Threat/Imposter Syndrome – Session introduces stereotype threat and imposter syndrome. Participants will learn the definition, how it affects performance and identify ways to neutralize underperformance due to it.
  • Transgender Affirming Health Care – This introductory session addresses basic medical needs of transgender/non-conforming patients, current research on health disparities, as well as affirming best practices.

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