Pillar III: Elevating Clinical Care

C1. Leadership and Excellence in Clinical Care

Work with clinical affiliates to recruit, support and develop high-quality, diverse faculty committed to best-in-class clinical care.

  • C1a. Recruit National Leaders:
    • Increase recruitment of faculty thought leaders and nationally known clinical leaders.
  • C1b. Develop Academic Opportunities:
    • Develop academic opportunities and support for Banner University Medical Group faculty physicians practicing at Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix.
C2. National Distinction in Clinical Programs

Identify, plan and develop clinical programs of distinction to meet the health care needs of clinical partners.

C3. Alignment and Synergism in Clinical Care, Education and Academics

Develop and implement a plan to align hospital and academic cultures through increased faculty interaction, joint planning of educational and clinical research activities that promote an academic environment within a productive health system at Banner University Medical Center – Phoenix and other Banner sites.