Pillar IV: Fostering Collaboration to Imrove the Health of Our Communities

C and C1. Champion Inclusive Excellence

Support and enhance the recruitment of a diverse community of students, trainees, faculty and staff across the College of Medicine – Phoenix that is consistent with the College of Medicine – Phoenix Strategic Plan for Inclusive Excellence.

C and C2. Foster Interprofessional Education and Community Service

Increase interprofessional and clinical medical training sites and research opportunities with goal of aligning care delivery, community outreach and workforce priorities.

  • C and C2a. Develop a Training Site:
    • Plan and develop a site for interprofessional training, education, community research and clinical care that serves unmet needs of the downtown Phoenix area.
  • C and C2b. Work with Campus Partners:
  • C and C2c. Increase Underserved Sites:
    • Identify opportunities to increase the number of rural practices and Federally Qualified Health Center networks that could be sites for innovative, ambulatory care practices.
C and C3. Collaborate for Excellence

Promote deeper collaborations with the University of Arizona, University of Arizona Health Sciences and other Arizona Board of Regents institutions to support strategic initiatives.

  • C and C3a. Synergize with Other Colleges:
    • Identify collaborative opportunities of strategic importance to the College of Medicine – Phoenix and to other University of Arizona stakeholders for the development of programs at the College of Medicine that work synergistically with other colleges.
  • C and C3b. Enhance Partnerships:
    • Develop a plan to enhance collaboration on the Phoenix Biomedical Campus with key stakeholders, including the Translational Genomics Research Institute, Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University and others.
C and C4. Increase Impact through Engagement

Engage with Phoenix-area philanthropic, industry, patient and community groups, as well as government organizations to enhance the value of the College of Medicine – Phoenix within the community.

  • C and C4a. Increase Awareness:
    • Increase awareness of the College of Medicine – Phoenix’s community value, engagement and service.
  • C and C4b. Engage with Community: