InstaMed participant
InstaMed is a program led by current medical students offering interactive, virtual mini-medical scenarios/activities for high school students in Arizona. This program is specially created for students that have an interest in medicine, but are unable to attend in-person programs. 

If you participate in at least seven InstaMed sessions, you will be an official graduate of this Scrubs Academy program and will receive a set of scrubs following the May 2024 session. 

Important note for participation:
In order to participate in these sessions, you and your parent or guardian must complete and review the following items:

  • Review (you do not need to print or turn in) – UA Student Code Of Conduct (PDF).
  • Complete (these must be turned in) – UA Non-enrolled Minor Policy Legal Forms (PDF).
    • Please complete the UA Non-enrolled Minor Policy Legal Forms and email them to @email before your first session.  
      • The session login will only be sent to students who are registered and have submitted their legal paperwork.  
      • If you participate in multiple sessions in the 2023–2024 academic year, you will only be required to turn in the legal forms before your first session that you attend. 

2023–2024 Sessions

Session Date:
(Session times are 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.)
Registration Opens:
(at 7:00 a.m.)
August 26 – Gastroenterology August 11 (Closed)
September 23 – Otolaryngology August 28 (Closed)
October 28 – Endocrinology September 25 (Closed)
November 25 – Nephrology October 30 (Closed)
December 9 – OB/GYN November 27 (Closed)
January 27 – TBD December 11 (Closed)
February 24 – TBD January 29 (Closed)
February 28 February 28 (Closed)
April 27 March
May – TBD April – TBD


Chip Young
Admissions and Student Services
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