Student Perspectives

  • "I love the College of Medicine – Phoenix! I love the progressive curriculum with the option of studying independently through Panopto. I love the early clinical exposure through the Community Clinical Experience and Community Health Initiative – Phoenix (CHIP) hours, as well as the heavy clinical focus provided by the Doctoring course. I also wanted a program that had a research component, which our Scholarly Project fills. The campus is state-of-the art, and the school maintains relationships with many diverse clinical sites around the Valley, so we have the opportunity to work with many providers in many settings." — Melissa T., Class of 2020
  • "The staff and faculty really care about the students, and they practice the values they preach. They are kind, empathetic, nonjudgmental and encourage the importance of trying, even in the face of failure. The support and openness here is amazing, as are the resources and opportunities open to students. I received ten acceptances to medical schools, but I knew when I interviewed here that I couldn't imagine a better place to set the foundation for my future medical career." — Maggie X., Class 2021
  • UA College of Medicine - Phoenix Banner"For the feeling of collaboration and student focus I felt important as a student. I felt like I was wanted. Needless to say, the facilities were amazing, and the curriculum was appealing." Charles S., Class of 2019
  • "Friendly people — I felt like I was wanted here (rather than some schools, which gave off the aura that I was just lucky to be there); beautiful campus; disseminated third-/fourth-year across several hospitals." — Kate T., Class of 2018
  • "The feeling around campus is so friendly and welcoming. Everyone here truly cares about you as a human being and not as a statistic. Our input is valued, and we are encouraged to succeed." — Bridget R., Class of 2020
  • "Everyone here is so helpful and wants you to be successful. They will stop things at the drop of a dime to help you with anything, even if it's just finding a book. It's such a wonderful environment." — Analissa C., Class of 2021
  • "I chose UA College of Medicine – Phoenix for the inclusive, supportive and noncompetitive environment that the school fosters and encourages. Everyone — the faculty and students — are excited to be a part of this journey together. The school has state-of-the-art facilities and implements a collaborative, integrative curriculum to help future physicians, like myself, to excel in the field and strengthen our medical and humanities knowledge, along with our clinical skills." — Akshara M., Class of 2021
  • "I immediately felt connected to the school, the faculty, the leadership and what the College of Medicine – Phoenix had to offer. There was this overwhelming sense that the student was at the very center and heart of this institution." — Omar H., Class of 2019