The Collge of Medicine – Phoenix is dedicated to supporting its mission of professional excellence through the cultivation of leaders. The Educational Program Objectives (EPOs) support the foundation of the curriculum and are defined by measurable behavioral outcomes students are to attain upon matriculation. The series of modules offered below illustrate the application of these behaviors within academic, clinical and community settings.


This project was awarded the Vernon and Virginia Furrow Award and funded by the AMES Grant for Medical Education Research. Collaborative efforts with Northern Arizona University also supported the development of this endeavor. The authors would like to extend a special thanks to the following individuals for their time, commitment and support. Without their assistance, these modules would not be possible. — Jennifer Hartmark-Hill and Christine Savi

Sun Belous Adam Meziani
Cori Breslauer Reed Michaelsen
Jacqueline Chadwick Marci Moffitt
Lou Clark Tabbitha Mosier
Krishelle Diaoune Adolpho Navarro
Michelle DiBaise Pam Rogers Bosch
Patrick Enking Keven Seigert
Rebecca Fega Allison Scotch
Stuart Flynn Howard Silverman
Susan Kaib Paul Standley
Michele Lundy Erica Wadas
Matthew McEchron Zack Restifo
Sam Hernandez