Interprofessional Communication

This module outlines the key components of a collaborative commitment to interprofessional communication by the University College of Medicine – Phoenix, the Northern Arizona University Physician Assistant and Physical Therapy programs, as well as the Arizona State University Nursing program.

It includes illustrative examples of students, faculty and staff modeling the highlighted tenet. In addition, a narrated tour and outlined aspects are detailed within each module segment.

The following segments characterize the Interprofessional Communication theme:

  • Choosing effective communication tools and techniques that enhance team function and organize and communicate information with patients, families and health care team members in a form that is understandable.

Additional resources include:


This segment of the project was awarded the Resource and Development Award for Interprofessional Education Collaborative Practice, funded by the AAMC. The authors would like to extend a special thanks to the following individuals for their time, commitment and support. Without their assistance, these modules would not be possible. — Jennifer Hartmark-Hill, Michelle Ona DiBaise and Christine Savi
  • Emily Babcock.
  • Sun Belous.
  • Pam Bosch.
  • Alex Dulude.
  • Patrick Enking.
  • Nina Lara.
  • Michele Lundy.
  • Adam Meziani.
  • Reed Michaelson.
  • Marci Moffitt.
  • Ryan Murphy.
  • Tabbitha Mosier.
  • Adolpho Navarro.
  • Keven Seigert.
  • Allison Scotch.
  • Erica Wadas.