Core Guidelines

  • Only laboratories that have either an approved essential research waiver or an approved research restart checklist will be allowed to utilize core instrumentation.
  • Unassisted core services remain open for those who have received appropriate training on the instruments.
  • Core users will schedule equipment usage using iLab online software as typical.
  • Core users must wear a face covering and gloves upon entry into the facility and spray down work areas with 70 percent Ethanol or Oxivir (provided by core) before and after usage.
  • No more than two people per room, ensuring at least 144 sq. ft per person and physical distancing of at least six ft.
  • Any user with flu-like or COVID-19 related symptoms should refrain from using the core.
  • Biomedical Imaging Core (BIC) support will be available to users remotely. In cases where technical problems cannot be fixed remotely, BIC personnel will take care of the problem after users have left. Contact Kurt Gustin for support questions.
  • On-site training will be limited to one trainee at a time, provided those individuals have an approved essential research waiver or research restart checklist. Trainees must wear face coverings and gloves and confirm they have no COVID-19 related symptoms.
  • Requests for assisted core services will be evaluated to establish protocols for sample submission and analysis designed to limit face-to-face interactions. Users with questions regarding assisted core services should contact Kurt Gustin.

Additional Information and Resources

Please continue to stay updated by accessing information from these sources: