Equipment Unassisted Assisted Unassisted Assisted
Olympus FVMPE-RS Apollo Multiphoton $40/hour $105.33/hour $66.20/hour $174.32/hour
Leica CM195 Cryostat   $5/hour $105.33/hour $8.28/hour $174.32/hour
Zeiss LSM 710 Confocal $25/hour $105.33/hour $41.38/hour $174.32/hour
Zeiss Axioimager Epifluorescent Microscope $15/hour $130.33/hour $24.83/hour $215.70/hour
Zeiss Axioskop with NeuroLeucida and Stereo Investigator $15/hour $95.33/hour $24.83/hour $157.77/hour
Keyence BZ-X800E $15/hour $105.33/hour $24.83/hour $174.32/hour
Consultation N/A $90.33/hour N/A $200/hour
Training N/A $90.33/hour N/A $200/hour
Analysis N/A $90.33/hour N/A $200/hour


  • Please note the College is charging a fee for training on core equipment for internal and external users.