Our value for equity, diversity and inclusion is reflected in the ideals of medical humanism — intentionally included in our title — the Department of Bioethics and Medical Humanism. We value, acknowledge, respect and celebrate unique and shared lived experiences, identities, cultures, beliefs and aspects of what it is to be human through narrative and story, as well as arts and humanities. And we hold ourselves to the highest standards of patient care, education and research through leadership in bioethics and medical humanism.

Locally and globally, our department faculty inclusively engage with diverse community members, institutional stakeholders, students, patients, faculty and staff to create safe and supportive health care and learning environments where collaboration, growth and development thrives; where creative expression, generative discourse, advocacy and research synergize to advance improvements in the systems and cultures in which we work, learn and care for one another.

We actively support the efforts of the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix, which has made a commitment to inclusive excellence outlined in our Strategic Plan for Inclusive Excellence (PDF), the 12 Action Steps Toward Inclusive Excellence, as well as our Statement on Racism.