Culinary Medicine has teamed up with the Downtown Phoenix Farmer’s Market to engage the downtown community with monthly cooking demonstrations featuring local farms and vendors from the market. This farmer’s market is located on the Phoenix Bioscience Core campus and occurs every Saturday morning. Our medical students and Farshad Fani Marvasti, MD, MPH (Dr. Shad) use market bucks to put together the best local produce and create innovative, delicious and nutritious recipes during these monthly events.

The cooking demonstration includes free samples for participants, a discussion of the health benefits of the ingredients used and where to get them at the market. Additionally, Dr. Shad engages the crowd with insights into using food as medicine and answers questions from the public on health and wellness. Email us or visit the market online to learn more about when we will be there every month!

A Culinary Medicine sign at the Downtown Phoenix Farmer's Market and a medical student cooking