Events are placed on the public web site at the descretion of the Office of University Relations. Please direct any questions relating to this process to Tom Kelly.

Prior to submitting an event to be published on the web site, please ensure you have provided the following details for each event.

  • Date.
  • Time.
  • Is this a repeating event?
  • Location (address, building, room number, etc.).
  • Presenter or speaker information (if applicable).
  • A basic paragraph describing the event.
  • Flyer or brochure if applicable.
  • Registration required or optional? (provide email or link to registration site)
  • Intended audience (faculty, staff, etc.).
  • Photograph(s) to be used to represent the event and/or the presenter on the college calendar (optional but preferred).
         Prefer 790px x 520px size but if this is not an option, please send an image we can use for a thumbnail (360px x 235px).
  • Any other information important to the event. Not all of the above will be required for your event; however, the more details you can provide to our audiences, the better.

Example Event

Sample Event Page

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