After the event, bring the team back together. This follow-up meeting is essential to level up your and your team’s skills by discovering process improvements and boosting morale.

Decide ahead of time — and understand the full costs and implications involved in — whether or not the event will be recorded, edited, captioned and archived.

Attendee Feedback

Immediately after the event, email attendees, speakers and sponsors a WuFoo or Qualtrics survey. Ask quantitative and qualitative questions:

  • Did the event make an impact on you? How?
  • Was the time spent during the event worth it?
  • What did you learn during this event?
  • Did the event help expand your network?

Report Data

Start by analyzing your budget, surveys and Zoom reports:

  • Registration.
  • Attendee.
  • Performance.
  • Q&A.
  • Poll.

Say Thanks

Send attendees a thank you note and all presentation materials. Consider reaching out and building engagement during the year by sharing attendee feedback and testimonials, presentation summaries and key takeaways and updated information about next year’s event. It’s never too early to start.