The University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix offers a Certificate of Distinction in Global Health. The certificate is a 4-year-program designed to promote the acquisition of knowledge of global health issues, foster a positive attitude toward giving service to global health communities and to build critical thinking skills directed at conquering global health barriers.

The certificate will be awarded to those who are dedicated to leadership and excellence in advancing the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease and injury through:

  • Education: Teaching the physicians and scientists of tomorrow while enhancing the skills of today's health professionals.
  • Research: Creating new knowledge in clinical science through biomedical, behavioral and health services research.
  • Patient Care: Caring humanely and expertly for patients and providing leadership in health services.
  • Service: Forging local, regional, national and global partnerships in education, healthcare and research for the betterment of human health.

Download the complete Certificate of Distinction packet MS1s (PDF)

Application Process

For first-year medical school students, applications are accepted up until October 15 of whichever year they've entered school. After that date, the applications are closed.

A first meeting with Dr. Beyda should be made to discuss your interest in Global Health and your ideas and thoughts for a Global Health Discovery Project partnership with the Scholarly Project. Once it has been determined that this is a viable option for the student to pursue, an application can be submitted. Download the fillable application (PDF). For assistance, see the completed sample application (PDF).