Step-by-Step Process

Getting Started

Ready to get started? Here are the first steps:

  1. Complete the Global Health Elective Application (PDF)
  2. Request your first appointment with David Beyda, MD

After First Meeting

  1. An affiliation agreement (PDF) will be emailed by staff to the host listed on your application. The contact will need to sign in agreement and return to @email.
  2. Visit the University's Travel Policies and Procedures sections.
  3. Complete the PerforMax pre-departure briefing (PDF).
  4. Register your travel with the University. Complete the travel description questionnaire in Terra Dotta. A registry number will be provided, this is needed to complete the next two documents.
    • Once this form is completed, please forward a copy to Jodi Chandler.
  5. Complete an online Travel Authorization Form (The third link under "Policies and Procedures") and submit to Jodi Chandler for approval and processing. Please note: A new "T" number (located in the top right corner) is generated every time this form is opened or refreshed. For assistance, see completed sample travel authorization form (PDF).
  6. Complete the International Travel Form (PDF) and submit to Dr. Beyda for approval and processing.
  7. Enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).
  8. Complete the online Emergency Contact and Proof of Life Form and upload it into Oasis.
  9. Complete the Professional Agreement Form (PDF) and return it to Jodi Chandler.
  10. Complete the Student Waiver Form (PDF) and return it to Jodi Chandler.
  11. Print International Services Card (PDF) to bring with you on your trip.
  12. Obtain a copy of your Electives Assessment form (PDF) to bring with you on your trip. 
  13. Schedule your pre-departure meeting with David Beyda, MD.

Final Steps (Students returning from their trip)