What benefits are offered to Banner residents?

Can I schedule a doctor’s appointment for myself or a family member before my hire date if the appointment is after my hire date?

  • Yes, but you may have to pay out of pocket and submit for reimbursement if you haven’t enrolled in your benefits by the appointment date.

Will I receive medical insurance cards?

  • Banner utilizes electronic insurance cards. Once you’re enrolled, you will be able to download the Aetna app, which provides electronic versions of your medical insurance cards.

How do I enroll in my 401k?

  • After two whole pay cycle, Fidelity will receive information that you are a new hire. At that point, you will be able to visit their website to enroll. You may also download a rollover form on their website if you need one.

How long will my benefits continue after completing my program and separating from Banner?

  • Your benefits will end on your last day of work. You will be offered COBRA insurance coverage until you have benefits again. This information will come to you via postal mail two to three weeks after your last day of work, so please ensure that your mailing address is updated in our system.

How can I update my mailing address now that I’ve moved?

  • We recommend waiting until your first day of work to make this change in Workday. Otherwise, you may contact your assigned recruitment coordinator to request an update.

How can I legally change my name with Banner?

  1. Your first, middle and last name must be identical between MyHR/Workday, your AZ training license, and your NPI.  We recommend starting with updating your legal identification (i.e. drivers license, passport, or social security card), then apply for your NPI and AZ training license.  Once those items are in place, you may log into MyHR/Workday and submit your new identification for Banner HR.
  2. If you’re already working, log into My HR/Workday and click on My Personal Information.  Under Change My Information, click on Change My Legal Name. Fill out the electronic form, upload your ID, and click Submit.  The changes will be reflected in Workday once the system has been updated.  If you have not begun working, please contact your assigned recruitment coordinator for assistance with this process. 

When will I receive my first paycheck?

Hire Date

Receive First Paycheck

June 10, 2024 June 27, 2024*
June 12, 2024 June 27, 2024*
July 1, 2024 July 11, 2024*
August 1, 2024 August 8, 2024*

*Partial paycheck

I filled out a direct deposit form in New Innovations. Why do I need to provide this information again in the Workday Onboarding Steps?

  • As a standard, Banner employees do not have their direct deposit set up for their first paycheck — as it takes about two weeks to set it up. For residents, we make an exception, so that you will have direct deposit on your first paycheck. However, the direct deposit information must be re-entered as part of the Onboarding steps as it is part of our standard process.

I filled out a direct deposit form before I started working. Why do I have to agree to a Wisely Pay card?

  • For those who prefer direct deposit, the Wisely Pay card is only intended as a backup in the event that your bank does not accept your direct deposit.

I filled out a direct deposit form before I started working. Why is my paycheck going to a Wisely Pay card? 

  • If there was a discrepancy on your direct deposit form, such as an incorrect routing or account number, your bank will decline Banner’s request. In this case, we will need you to log in to Workday, verify your account information and make any necessary corrections. It will take another pay cycle to have this corrected and depending on timing, your next check may also go to the Wisely Pay card.

What if I have not filled out a direct deposit form?

  • You will receive a Wisely Pay debit card by mail in the first two weeks of employment, and your paycheck will be deposited to the card. At this point, you may enroll in direct deposit during the Workday Onboarding process. Your first paycheck will go to the Wisely Pay card, and it will take another full pay cycle for direct deposit to take effect. Banner Health does not issue paper checks.

What if I don’t receive the Wisely Pay card in the mail?

How can I make an adjustment to my federal or state tax deductions?

  • Log into Workday, select My Pay and Time Off, then select Tax Withholding. From there, you will be able to update your tax elections. Next to Federal Withholding Tax, there is a door with an arrow. Click on that to view and/or change your elections. You should see the changes take effect within one to two pay cycles.

What amount of educational funds do I receive?

  • Academic Year Amount per Resident/Fellow:
    • Education allowance in the final year of training – $750 max per AY for each resident and fellow.
    • Educational allowance in the non-final years of training – $200 max per AY for each resident and fellow.