PGY2/PGY3 Schedule

PGY2 and -3 residents alternate call months in hospital medicine or the intensive care setting with non-call months of elective time and continuity clinic. This allows for immersion and deeper learning in all aspects of the Internal Medicine discipline. While on the wards or ICU, instruction is focused on intensive care, hospital medicine and consultative medicine. The remaining six months are reserved for elective time in one of the sub-specialties; or the selectives — such as geriatrics, neurology or block ambulatory medicine rotation. Embedded within the months of these non-call experiences are two half-day sessions per week of continuity clinic.

Month PGY2 Track A PGY2 Track B PGY3 Track A PGY3 Track B
July Elective*v BUMCP Wards Elective*v VA Night Float
August BUMCP Wards Elective *v BUMCP Wards Elective*v
September  Neuro*v BUMCP Wards Geriatrics*v BUMCP Wards
October BUMCP ICU Neuro*v VA ICU Geriatrics*v
November VA Consult Medicine*v BUMCP ICU Elective*v VA ICU
December VA Wards VA Consult Medicine*v VA Wards Elective*v
January Ambu*v VA Wards Ambu*v VA Wards
February VA ICU Ambu*v BUMCP ICU Ambu*v
March Cardio*v VA ICU Elective*v BUMCP ICU
April VA Wards Cardio*v VA Night Float Elective*v
May Elective*v VA Wards Elective*v VA Wards
June BUMCP Wards Elective*v BUMCP Wards Elective*v

*Months with continuity clinic, v = optional vacation.

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