Equipment Unassisted Assisted Unassisted Assisted
Agilent 1200 Analytical HPLC System and LC-MS Single Quad System $3/hour $15/hour $5/hour $24.98/hour
Agilent Infinity 1260 Prep HPLC System $3/hour $15/hour $5/hour $24.98/hour
Biotage Initiator+Alstra Peptide Synthesizer $5/hour $15/hour $8.33/hour $24.98/hour
BMG LABTECH CLARIOstar-Plus Multimode Plate Reader $6/hour $50/hour $9.99/hour $83.25/hour
LabConco –105°C Lyophilizer $1/hour $2.50/hour $1.67/hour $4.16/hour
ForteBio Pioneer FE Surface Plasmon Resonance System $20/hour $60/hour $33.30/hour $99.90/hour
GE FLA 9500 Typhoon Laser Scanner $15/hour $40/hour $24.98/hour $66.60/hour
Tecan Freedom Evo 100 $20/hour $50/hour $33.30/hour $83.25/hour
Consultation/Training/Analysis – Director N/A $59.83/hour N/A $99.62/hour
Consultation/Training/Analysis – Technician N/A $28.02/hour N/A $46.65/hour


  • Please note that instrumentation use can be charged by the minute.
  • The College is charging a fee for training on core equipment for internal and external users.