Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and staffing restrictions, the core will unfortunately be unable to provide assisted services for the immediate future. This includes assisted SPR, peptide synthesis, LC-MS and any other assisted work. Unassisted usage is still open. Please contact Dr. Timothy Marlowe for further questions and we will update all users upon restoration of full core services.





Equipment Unassisted Assisted Unassisted Assisted
Pioneer FE Surface Plasmon Resonance $30/hour $60/hour $49.20/hour $98.40/hour
Typhoon FLA 9500 $20/hour $80/hour $32.80/hour $131.20/hour
Tecan Freedom Evo 100 $25/hour $50/hour $41/hour $82/hour
Consultation N/A $59.56/hour N/A $97.67/hour


*Please note that instrumentation use can be charged by the minute.