• Assisted core services for Pioneer SPR, Tecan robot, BMG plate reader and Typhoon imager instrumentation will be reinstated to a limited capacity, based on demand. 
  • Assisted core services will operate under presence of core personnel only to limit face-to-face interactions. Non-core personnel will not be allowed to shadow or facilitate on-site experiments. Experiments will be coordinated ahead of time by core director, Dr. Timothy Marlowe.
  • Assisted core services will be performed in priority of the order requested. Expect a slower turnaround time than typical.
  • Assisted core samples should either be direct shipped to the:
    • Molecular Discovery Core (MDC)
      Attn: Dr. Timothy Marlowe
      475 N. 5th St., E530 Bay C
      Phoenix, AZ 85004
    • Or placed in the designated -20C freezer drop-off area located in Biomedical Sciences Partnership Building (BSPB) E550 as indicated by signage. Please spray down the freezer with 70 percent Ethanol or Oxivir (provided by the core) before and after usage.
  • On-site equipment training will not be offered at this time. Remote training may be offered at the discretion of Dr. Marlowe and on a per-case basis.
  • All unassisted core services remain open, as stated previously, and should be performed in compliance with previously communicated/posted instructions and disinfecting procedures.
  • Only laboratories that either have an approved essential research waiver or an approved research restart checklist will be allowed to utilize the core.
  • Core users must wear a face covering and gloves upon entry into the facility and spray down work areas with 70 percent Ethanol or Oxivir (provided by core) before and after usage.
  • Core users will schedule equipment usage using iLab online software as typical.

Core users with questions regarding procedures or project consultation should contact Dr. Marlowe.