Dr. Marlowe

The vision of the Molecular Discovery Core (MDC) is to build a highly collaborative and state-of-the-art facility at the Phoenix Biomedical Campus to accelerate early-stage drug discovery in the Arizona research community with several instruments geared toward the analysis of biomolecules.

This core supports a wide variety of research activities that depend on the detection and analysis of proteins, nucleic acids, compounds, bioactive molecules and biomolecular interactions.


Pioneer FE SPR System

Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR)

  • Kinetic characterization.
  • Small molecule/fragment screening.
  • Assay design & optimization.
  • Binding affinity analysis.

High-Throughput Screening

  • Compound screening in 96- and 384-well format.
  • Assay automation.
  • Plate replication/reformatting.
  • Processing of clinical samples.
  • In silico screening.

Peptide Synthesis & HPLC

  • Solid-phase peptide synthesis.
  • Compound/peptide purification by HPLC.
  • Analytical HPLC.
  • Lyophilization.

Biomolecular Imaging

  • Fluorescence, chemiluminescence, radioisotopic, colorimetric.
  • Imaging of blots, gels, tissue sections, arrays, and phosphor screens.