Strategic Plan

Excellence in Training Aim: To evolve and innovate training to best prepare learners of all levels and perspectives to meet new challenges and needs of the future of health care.


Through thorough assessment of the educational needs of our learners at all levels, our department creates and/or enhances educational opportunities department-wide, identifying the needs for faculty development for clinician-educators. Taking advantage of our strong partnership with faculty across the clinical divisions/institutes at the UA College of Medicine – Phoenix, Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix and the Phoenix VA Health Care System, as well as within our many training programs, the department is in relentless pursuit of innovative ideas to implement and study the effectiveness of programs that will train our learners for the future of internal medicine.

This is accomplished by planning, implementing and studying innovative educational programs throughout the department, creating or providing resources for teachers at all levels (resident, fellow, attending) and partnering with college resources in faculty development.