ElevateMeD Awards Fourth-Year Student with Scholarship

Chase Congleton
Chase Congleton
Marcus Childs received support from the organization for a second year in a row

Marcus Childs, a fourth-year medical student at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix, was awarded the ElevateMeD Scholars Program’s scholarship for a second time.

Founded in 2019 by Alyx Porter Umphrey, MD, the ElevateMeD Scholars Program aims to assist medical students who come from underrepresented backgrounds in medicine.

“The beauty of a scholarship made by a marginalized population for people who come from marginalized populations inherently has a level of trust built into it,” Childs said. “Being able to see that and experience it has been a beautiful thing.”

Marcus Childs
Marcus Childs
In addition to being given $16,500 in scholarship support, which is an increase from last year’s $10,000 scholarship, Childs will have access to mentorship to ensure academic success, professional growth and long-term success.

“I’ve received other scholarships in the past, but they usually give you the fish, and they don’t teach you how to fish,” Childs said. “Through this scholarship, Dr. Alyx Porter teaches us how to fish.”

Childs is one of 25 students in their third or fourth year of medical school to receive the $16,500 scholarship. This year’s cohort of 25 recipients features 10 returning students who received the scholarship last year.

In the past year, Childs was able to attend the Scholars Summit and the ElevateMeD’s Explosion of a Dream signature event in Scottsdale, Arizona.

“It was a privilege to be able to attend because I never thought in Phoenix, Arizona, there would be a summit of physicians and medical students from underrepresented communities sharing our experiences,” Childs said. “It’s great to see the other scholars’ journeys and celebrate each other.”

Childs had the opportunity to network with donors and learn more about the mission behind the scholarship at the annual ElevateMed gala.

“Dr. Porter wanted us to see what the process is like; she’s very transparent and a true mentor,” Childs said. “You have to put yourself out there, network and work hard so that the people can see you and know about you.”

Childs plans to specialize in family medicine and hopes to help patients who come from similar backgrounds as him, whether they are people of color, lower-income or LGBTQ+.

“I would like to, one day, buy a house in the town where I grew up and continue to work with underserved patients,” Childs said. “My heart is at community health centers, and that’s where I’m happiest.”

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