Class of 2028


Brief Bio

Matthew Eisenberg, MD
Matthew Eisenberg, MD

Undergraduate: University of Nevada, Reno
Medical School: Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine at UNLV
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Research Interests: Patient outcomes after surgical procedures, patient-reported outcome measures
Career Interests: Shoulder and elbow, hand and upper extremity, sports
Personal Interests: Snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, food, reading, TV, my wife

Leeann Qubain, MD
Leeann Qubain, MD

Undergraduate: UC Santa Barbara
Medical School: University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix
Hometown: San Mateo, California
Research Interests: Improving clinical outcomes, healthcare disparities, hand/upper extremity surgical outcomes 
Career Interests: Hand/upper extremity, pediatrics, sports
Personal Interests: Dancing, reading, volleyball, hiking, live music, cooking, family, traveling

Colby S Nielsen, MD
Colby S Nielsen, MD

Undergraduate: Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah 
Medical School: University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix
Hometown: Mesa, AZ
Research Interests: Improving clinical outcomes 
Career Interests: Pediatrics, hand
Personal Interests: Soccer, mountain biking, hiking, skiing, camping, golf, family

Arjun Vohra, MD
Arjun Vohra, MD

Undergraduate: Saint Louis University, Health Management and Policy 
Medical School: Saint Louis University
Hometown: Chicago (Naperville), IL​​​​​​​
Research Interests: Healthcare quality improvement, database, clinical outcomes 
Career Interests: Hand and upper extremity, shoulder and elbow, sports
Personal Interests: Cooking, golf, snowboarding, reading, exercise, 3D printing and design