Class of 2027


Brief Bio

Tony Duong, MD
Tony Duong, MD

Undergraduate: Oregon State University
Medical School: University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix
Why Arizona and UArizona College of Medicine – Phoenix​:  I initially decided to move to Arizona for medical school because of my family members in the area. Over the past four years, I fell in love with the endless dining options, night life, and local hikes that Phoenix has to offer. From all you can eat sushi to hikes less than 15 minutes away, there is something here for everyone. While rotating at Banner, the patient diversity, inclusive teaching environment and preservation of a work life balance made it clear that I should stay here for my residency training

Briana Khan, MD Briana Khan, MD

Undergraduate: Wellesley College
Medical School: Griffith University School of Medicine
Why Arizona and UArizona College of Medicine – Phoenix​: I was initially drawn to the program due to its location in Phoenix and for the challenge of a prestigious university psychiatry residency program. Coming from a small town in Central California, I knew I wanted to move to a big city with lots of opportunities for my young family. After visiting Phoenix on vacation, I knew I wanted to move here! However, it was far and away the residents and faculty that I met along the way during the interview and match process that solidified my choice. Everyone was so kind, supportive and encouraging. No other program came close in making me feel at home. I knew I was mainly looking for a program with great people to work with, and I found that here. I am so excited about the future here in Arizona with so much to explore throughout the state, and I plan to make my home here permanently.

Karishma Kothari, MD
Karishma Kothari, MD

Undergraduate: Arizona State University
Medical School: University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix​
Why Arizona and UArizona College of Medicine – Phoenix​: I chose this program because of the incredible team I had the chance to work with during my sub-I during my fourth year. Everyone is exceptionally kind and supportive, making this one of the best learning environments I have experienced in all of medical school. Additionally, Arizona has been my home for years, and downtown Phoenix has transformed into an incredible, diverse and cultured place to live and work in.

Lukas Kuhnel, MD Lukas Kuhnel, MD

Undergraduate: Colorado School of Mines
Medical School: University of Queensland
Why Arizona and UArizona College of Medicine – Phoenix​: I have always had a tough time answering the question, "where are you from?" My family moved around quite a bit, but Arizona was where we settled down after my parents immigrated from the Czech Republic. Arizona became the state I spent most of my formative years growing up in, and it became the place and community I would call home. I chose Banner for its focus on the community it serves and the large variety of opportunities presented in various practices of psychiatry.

Iliana Manjon, MD
Iliana Manjon, MD

Undergraduate: University of Arizona
Medical School: University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson
Why Arizona and UArizona College of Medicine – Phoenix​: I chose Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix because of the sense of community within the program. I enjoyed working with the residents and faculty during my sub-internship, and really valued their emphasis on resident wellness and patient advocacy. I’m also really excited to be back in my hometown of Phoenix, where I will be closer to loved ones. Phoenix is rich in cultural and socioeconomic diversity, which makes it a great place to train and build the foundation for any career in psychiatry.

Jodie Nichols, DO
Jodie Nichols, DO

Undergraduate: University of Michigan
Medical School: Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine – Midwestern University
Why Arizona and UArizona College of Medicine – Phoenix​: The opportunity to pursue research and a fellowship in my field of interest, dementia and geriatric psychiatry, initially drew me to College of Medicine – Phoenix. While auditioning here as a medical student, I quickly gained an appreciation for the supportive faculty, the collaborative resident culture and the state-of-the art facilities. As an athlete and mother of two children, I also sought a program that would allow me to balance a life outside of work, and this program certainly does! From the reasonable schedules to the protected sleep time to the resident recreation room, it's apparent that resident wellness is a priority here. I have lived in the Phoenix area for over 15 years, and am grateful to be staying because I love the weather, the diverse population and the beautiful desert scenery. Arizona sunsets are my favorite!